The Countdown is On!

Only sixteen more days until the first official blog post goes live, here, on REAL TALK.

If I were a visual artist (or, organized enough to have asked one to help out) I would have created an enticing trailer for the posts you are about to read. But, since I am neither of the above, what I can offer is a bit of a teaser in the art form I am most comfortable with: Words …

The first topic we’re going to tackle is Art and Fear. You’ll get real talk from Bev Katz, Kate Blair, Anna Humphrey, and Ishta Mercurio on their experiences with facing their fears with, about, and through their art. I’m betting there will be many “me too,” moments as you read their stories.

Next up will be Leah Bobet, Josiah DeWit, Cheryl Rainfield, and Jo Karaplis sharing their personal experiences with Rejection. Each perspective is real, vulnerable, and relatable. Jo will share a different angle on this topic, as one who has been on the receiving end of the dreaded “slush pile.” She’ll give you a peek behind the curtain; a perspective we don’t often get the chance to see.

Then Bev Katz, Andrew Tolson, Andrea Mack, Kari Maaren, and Melanie Fishbane will get real about Dry Spells; what it’s like to be in the middle of one, what they’ve done about it, and what their times in the creative desert have taught them.

Later topics will include: Switching Gears, The Creative Process, The Inner Critic, Imposter Syndrome, and Art and Faith. You won’t want to miss any of them! See the Contributors tab, in the menu above, for a full list of Creatives who’ve volunteered to share their stories.

Tons of REAL TALK by real people coming up, offering opportunities to connect and relate on matters that affect us all, as we carve out our creative paths. Hope you’ll join our virtual meeting space, to find community and relationship among like-spirited people.

Looking forward to linking arms,


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